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Hidden Barcelona

Twin towers Barcelona

For the users that are already familiar with Barcelona Oculta website, we have decided to maintain the section that had been a part of the site before and that informed our visitors about some curious facts and mysteries of Barcelona.

An unforgettable experience

Today the city of Barcelona offers an enormous range of cultural activities, musical events, concerts, opportunities of the beach tourism and nightlife. But besides that, there is a secret part that often is left aside, unnoticed and underappreciated. We will try to tell about some mysteries, curios facts and secrets of this magic city, where you are invited to explore and discover the places with a history rich in details. The information on this page has been split in the sections like: Dolmens and Menhires in Barcelona, Gaudí and Ursa Major constellation, Sacred Geometry and Architecture, Templar Knights in Barcelona, Alignments in the city, y Curious facts of Barcelona.
Feel free to visit every section and discover Barcelona`s magic, known in antiquity as Bàrcino.
You will learn about such things as, for example:

"The Magic Square" of la Sagrada Familia

On the facade of Passion of Christ there is a “magic square”, the sum of numbers of which equal 33, whatever direction you sum them. Click HERE to learn more!.

Diagonal Avenue and its alignment with the Sun

Two times a year the street is aligned with the Sun. It happens on certain dates, related with Christian calendar. If you want to know more, click HERE.