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  • Accessible tours to people with reduced mobility

Barcelona by bike

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Parks, beaches and more...

►Take the air riding a bike along the coast and in the park!
►Off the beaten path route
►The dynamic contemporary Barcelona


(For safety reason, we offer this tour to our guests from 11 years old)

Combine this tour with our tours Gaudí and Modernism and Barcelona`s Old Town!

Here there are the KEY STOPS and the MAIN TOPICS of this tour!

Palace Square (Pla de Palau)

• We will see some early and little known of Gaudí`s works.

• How a new statue suddenly boosted the sales of a neighbouring market?

• We are going to see some masonic symbols in the square, both the obvious and the hidden ones.
Sea square (Plaça del Mar)

• How did a modest beacon participate in an important scientific research, the result of which is widely used in our everyday life?

• What is the last of the most important dates in the history of modern Barcelona, and how did it change the city?

• Enjoy the contemporary statues and architecture that are present in this zone.
A ride along the beach

• While you are enjoying the views of the coastline and the girls in bikini, we will tell you what effort it costs the city to maintain this beach.

• How has the sea changed and is still changing the appearance of the city?

• Where do the green parrots and palms come from?
La Barceloneta

• What was this zone like in the past?

• Where on the beach you can see a “monument” to the small apartments of Barceloneta?

• Why sometimes one can see a lot of flags similar to the Ukrainian ones hanging out of the windows?
Olympic harbor (Port Olímpic)

• The significance and symbolism of the two highest towers in the city and the gold fish that can be found in this zone.

• What “living” mountain supplied the city with stone for construction?

• Which are the best beaches in Barcelona?
Citadel Park a (Parc de la Cuitadella)

• Why did the Barcelonans of the past hate this place?

• What is the second date that changed the city?

• Enjoy the freshness of the park, full of secret symbolism, its lakes and gardens, and meet a mammoth there!
Cascade of Citadel Park

• What parts of it were executed by young Gaudí?

• How did the fountain surprise the Barcelonans a few years ago?
“Three Dragon`s Castle” (“Castel dels Tres Dragons”)

• Beginning of the modernist era.

• How many days are needed to build a hotel for 500 guests?
Triumphal Arch (Arc de Triomf)

• What triumph does this arch commemorate?

• Who are the winged ladies and bats that decorate the arch?

• Where do the sensational trials proceed?
Agbar Tower (Torre Agbar)

• Although it may seem a little obtrusive at the first glance, after our explanation you will see that this building follows the Barcelonan architectural traditions and blends harmoniously into the urban landscape.

• How many combinations of colour can the lights of the tower provide? A hint: it`s hard to imagine…

• We are going to pass by one of the most typical modern residential areas of Barcelona; a surprisingly beautiful and contemporary flee market, a former bullfight ring and many other things on our way!

☆ The sequence of the visit to the sights listed above can change depending on the public activities in the city, start time and place and other reasons.

☆ Apart from those listed above we will certainly show you other curious things and tell more stories.

☆ In case of rain (which is quite unusual in Barcelona) the time or day of the tour can be postponed or the tour can be replaced for another one upon your request.

Characteristics of the tour

• Duration: approximately 3-4 hours.

• Availability: daily from 10 am to 8 pm local time.

• It is a tour by bike, mainly by cycle lane/bikeway, with a couple of very short stretches of walking.

• Price: Ask the price

• Recommended for active, sporty people, who would like to explore some remote corners of Barcelona in a faster and pleasant way.

• Observations: we will stop for comments during the tour, so that you will have time to rest. It`s possible to make a short break during the tour on your request.

• Combine this tour with Secrets of Old Town tour and Modernism tour, or Express tour.


Unless you have your own bike, we use a rent a bike service. The price of the rent is included within the price of the tour, but you will probably need to leave a security deposit of 50 euro for a family / a group of friends, or a copy of a credit card, which will be returned immediately after the tour. You will probably be asked to show a photo ID (a passport, driving licence etc…) when renting bicycles. Please make sure that you have it with you when we arrive at the bicycle renting office. For safety reason, we offer this tour to our guests from 11 years old.

Enjoy the tour!