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  • Accessible tours to people with reduced mobility

What is it?

Hotel pick up

With us you don`t have to worry about being lost in a strange city. Your guide will pick you up at the reception of your hotel or another place that is convenient for you, help you to orientate yourself in the city and bring you back to the hotel, if necessary.

Please, don`t forget to fill in your exact address when you reserve a tour (street, number, name of the hotel) where you want your guide to wait for you. We recommend that you choose your hotel or apartment as the meeting point. Your guide will wait for you at reception of your hotel or in front of the street door of the building where you rent an apartment with the sign with our logo.

Unique stories, famous and hidden places of interest

Along with the essential facts, with us you will learn some less known details, stories and legends which will help you to experience Barcelona`s soul.

You can see the list of sights that we visit on each tour with their photos if you click “description” link that you may find under the title of every tour or directly on the name of a tour. Besides conventional and important signs, we will surprise you with some hidden but precious little corners of Barcelona, which are included but are not on the list.

We always try our best to give you truthful information from reliable sources. Besides that we will offer you some alternative versions of the history and theories that we know, if you are interested in it.

We have entertaining stories for everyone: families with children, lovers of history and travelling, photographers that are looking for the best views, those who prefer relaxed holidays and just want to enjoy life and etc…

Flexible itineraries, combinable tours

We are ready to take you on an excursion on any day, including weekends and public holidays, from 9am to 9pm. The tours are interchangeable, so that you can choose one according to the time you have.

You decide what time you want to begin an excursion. Nevertheless, we recommend you to start in the morning or afternoon, when the sun is shining and you can see the details better and take the best photos.

We offer tours designed for those who have 1, 2, 3 or more days in Barcelona. This way you can get the best out of our experience and take the best advantage of the hours and days you have.

Do you want something different or more personal? You can create your own tour, combining the places that interest you and you would like to visit. To do that, just click on “Customized tours”.

We recommend that you book excursions in advance, especially if you plan to visit Barcelona in high touristic season (May to September), in order to ensure that an English speaking guide is available on that day.

Professional and friendly guides

We love our job and believe that it is the most important for a tour guide! We like seeing smiles and interest on the faces of our guests and treat them as our friends. Besides that, we are experienced in tourism and hospitality.

We are young (at least at heart ;)) and easy going. We speak fluent English, Spanish and Russian.

Reasonable prices

Just compare our prices with the ones of other travel agencies that offer private tours to be sure. We do understand that there is so much temptation in Barcelona and you might want to spend some more on shopping and going out!

To know the exact price of a tour, follow “description” link on the home page under the tour that you want to choose, or click directly on the name of the tour.

Price of every tour includes the guide`s fee, transport expenses, some entrance tickets, taxes and depends on the excursion that you choose, number of persons that you want to take with you on the tour. Our tours are free of charge for children under 12 years old (besides visits to some museums - check the tour description).

Tips for your guide are appreciated if you like the tour.

We receive payments by plastic card, by PayPal system or cash. All the payments should be in euro.

Private tours

…means that you are going to get all the guide`s attention! You will have an opportunity to discover the city without rush, take your time when taking photos, get some rest whenever you need it and ask your guide a thousand of questions!

We specialize in private excursions, which mean families or groups of friends up to 6 persons on a tour. If your family or group is a little bigger, it is not a problem. Just contact us to sort it out.

You and your family or friends can count on your own guide and vehicle (where it is provided by our agreement). There will not be any other people but you, your guide and possibly your driver during the tour.

Due to the fact that private tours can be more flexible, we can change the order, duration and content of the excursions according to your expectations on your request, when it is possible.

Free online booking 24/7

Book tours on the Internet at any moment. Ask as if you have any question and expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

The system of online booking functions automatically. To book a tour, click “Book now” under the description of the tour you choose. Indicate the day and the time when you want to start the tour, address and name of your hotel, your email address, the way of payment (plastic card, PayPay, cash) and other information that the system requires. In case you have any doubts, contact us by email and from “contact us” page on the website. We will try to respond within 24 hours.

We think of your comfort

We offer a map of Barcelona for a family or a group, as well as some little gifts and souvenirs to make your tour more comfortable and pleasant.

These are free of charge. Also, your guide will give you some recommendations about security in Barcelona, typical Spanish and Catalonian cuisines, restaurants, shows and other activities that you can enjoy after the tour.