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Barcelona Masonic and Knights Templar tour

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Secret Societies in Barcelona

►For those who want to find out the deepest secrets of Barcelona
►The vestiges of the Order of the Knights Templar
►Freemasonry footprints in Barcelona


Combine this tour with Barcelona’s Old Town tour y Barcelona by bike tour!

There are the KEY STOPS and the MAIN TOPICS of this tour! There will be SURPRISE STOPS not shown on this list!

Grand Lodge of Spain

• One of the most important venues in Europe

• When did the Freemason Order arise in Barcelona?
Catalunya square (Plaça de Catalunya)

• What Masonic symbols are hidden in the form, the sculptures and in every corner of the square?

• Some curious alignments of this emblematic place
Barcelona's cathedral

• We will decipher the numerous messages left by the builders of the past in their facades and their surroundings

• The impressive links of the Cathedral with ancient cultures of the world

• The history of the site keeps fascinating secrets
Bishop’s Bridge (Pont del Bisbe)

• What is the meaning of the mysterious skull that watches the hordes of tourists from the bridge?

• Learn more about the designer of this famous work
San Felipe Neri square (Plaça de Sant Felip Neri)

• Even trees have their symbolism in Barcelona! What is their secret and history?

• A tragic and emblematic place at the same time
Knights Templar neighbourhood

• Tour the places of what was the enclave of the Order of the Knights Templar in Barcelona

• Discover the Knights Templar vestiges that still remain standing
Born neighbourhood

• Discover buildings that maintain Masonic symbology

• The footprint left by freemasonry in the city
Xifré House (Porxos d'en Xifré)

• We reveal the meaning of the symbols that are observed in this building

• Who was Mr. Xifré?
Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella)

• Gaudi left us amazing works full of symbols in this park

• Discover the sculptures that hide Masonic symbology
The Arús Public Library

• One of the most important masonic libraries in Europe

• You will be amazed with a famous sculpture that keeps inside
OPTIONAL VISIT: On this visit you will appreciate the place from outside.
Sagrada Familia

• We will unveil several levels of the very rich symbolism of Gaudi's masterpiece

• Know the secrets of its location

Please note that...

☆ The sequence of the visit to the sights listed above can change depending on the opening hours of the museums, public activities in the city, start time and place and other reasons.

☆ In addition to the sites above we will certainly show you more curious things and tell many other interesting things that we will see on our way.

☆ Optional visits will be available as long as the conditions of the place allow it.

Characteristics of the tour

• Duration: approximately 4-5 hours without optional entrances, up to 6-7 hours with all optional entrances.

• If you need food during the tour, the guide will recommend you a restaurant or a café to suit your preference.

• Availability: daily from 9 am to 9 pm local time. It`s advisable to start your tour in the morning. The schedule of the optional entrances depends on the conditions of the place to visit.

• It is a walking tour that may include one or two 10 minutes metro rides on your request.

• Price: Ask the price

• Recommended for: people who want to know the vestiges of Freemasonry and the Order of the Knights Templar in Barcelona and learn about its history, and enjoy the architecture and monuments, buildings and sculptures that have left us. Combine this tour with our Barcelona’s Old Town tour and Barcelona by bike tour!

• Observations: this tour is normally undertaken on foot. Please take into account that on this tour you will have to be on your feet for about 4 to 7 hours during the day. Nevertheless, it is possible to make coffee/snack breaks and stop for a while during the tour.


Entrances tickets to the places of the optional visits are made by their previous demand. The price, the schedule and the conditions of the visits are stipulated by the places to visit. Contact us to indicate the total price if optional visits are included.

Price of entrance tickets for children can vary in different places and normally depend on child`s age.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: to guarantee your visit, it is necessary to pay the price of the entrance 3 days in advance via the Internet. In case of cancellation of the tour, this payment IS NOT REFUNDED. This is necessary to ensure the availability of the entrance tickets.

Enjoy the tour!